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About Us

What Drives Us

At Caveman Naturals, we have spent years researching nature’s offerings to make our products completely natural and also highly effective. We only carry products that we believe in and which we and our loved ones use everyday.

Ethics is the heart of our business. Every ingredient is chosen only after careful consideration. All our ingredients are obtained from authentic sources that are handpicked after a rigorous assessment by a team of experts. We sometimes personally visit and meticulously check every aspect of the sourcing process. Every ingredient batch is then thoroughly tested in our lab for quality before it goes into one of the products you use. You will definitely feel the difference when you use our products.

Why Caveman Naturals

The Indian market is currently saturated predominantly with conventional mass-manufactured personal care products. The deodorant segment is dominated by deo sprays and antiperspirants. Most companies take advantage of the demand for natural products by branding their products as natural even though they may contain the standard toxic ingredients (known as “Green Washing”). However, this strategy may not be sustainable for long due to the rise of social media and the increasing awareness among the general population that it brings. People are looking for natural and organic alternatives and we have taken the responsibility on our shoulders to fulfill that need.

Our Beginning

Caveman Naturals was born out of a dire need for strictly natural grooming essentials in India. One of our very first and most popular offerings was a natural deodorant which was truly cherished by our valued customers. We formulated our initial batches of deodorant and distributed them straight out of our labs to yoga enthusiasts and to people who wanted to live a natural, toxin-free life. With inundating credits and our unrivaled expertise in this space, Caveman Naturals soon grew in popularity by word-of-mouth. From then on, there was no looking back for us.

Things We Care About

Customer Satisfaction

We love to hear from our customers. Our inspiration to create better products is driven solely by our customers who are looking for authentic and ethical products.

Ecological Impact

A lot of thought goes into the packaging of each of our products. We do our best to minimize the use of plastic in our packaging and our goal is to be plastic-free very soon.

We also use recycled paper for shipping and avoid using additional product cartons which usually end up in the landfill. We strongly believe that product aesthetics should not come at the cost of the environment.